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ARO Controls is the electronics division of ARO and is a world-renowned specialist in resistance weld controls.

ARO’s continuous programme of research and development embrace the latest technologies to deliver high performance, high quality products at the best possible prices.

ARO offers a large range of integrated welding controllers equipped with the latest technology of welding controls. From the standard AC-MFDC cabinets until the advanced concept cabinets (auto- adaptive), ARO ensures user friendly yet cutting edge solutions most adapted to your needs.

The integration of ARO guns and cabinets has created systems which noticeably improve the method of resistance welding in each application.


ARO weld controllers can be networked to a central computer running the ARONET software. All the functions of each and every welder can then be accessed in real time on the central computer.

All data and curves are stored in a database that can be safely accessed by any third party software (API, MES…)

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