iBox Controller

iBox: Powerful Process Controller Driving Servo Weld gun

For electric guns and machines, the iBox centralises all resistance welding parameters for programming and supervision into one process controller (time, current , force, position).

  •  With the iBox, any 6-axis robot (handling, refurbished etc.) can manage an Servo Weld Gun without significant modifications to its application.
  • Delimited responsibilities between the robot and the welder.

Force Control and Profiles

Thanks to its force sensor management capability, the iBox provides advanced functions improving the welding process and quality.

The ability to synchronize force profiles to welding current cylces offer large possibility to provide the most robust welds on all type of materials .

It is the best choice for Aluminium welding, but also for other materials.

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High welding quality

  • Management of force tips: controlled
  • Management of tips position: indentation / expansion
  • Management of force profiles (for Aluminium welding, steel complex configurations )
  • Gap compensation

Fast, simple and safety installation

  • In a solution package the iBox is delivered with cables and weld gun or machine and ready to run and calibrated
  • No axis drive is required from the robot : It can be associated to any 6 or 7 axis robot
  • The  iBox can be driven by a robot or a PLC
  • Duty cycle monitoring of the welding gun servo actuator, transformer and transformer diodes

iBox Features

Force Profiles

Electrode force and position calibration

Management of the geometry and electrode wear


iBox 560

iBox 800

iBox 1200

iBox 2400


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