Stationary Weld Solutions

ARO provides solutions to meet all the needs for spot, seam, butt and projection welding applications and offers a range of options in these world class stationary welding machines.

Spot Welding

The parts to be assembled are pressurized by two electrodes that allow the programmed passage of a current flow and ensure with the appropriate parameters the formation of the melting point at the interface. Compacting and brazing are based on similar principle with no metal fusion.

It applies to steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, titanium, copper, brass, etc.

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Projection Welding

Projection welding applies to various steel grades and other alloys.

In this process, theforce application and current flow ensuring the metal fusion are located at one or more places determined by projections, realized on the workpiece before welding. Metal sheets provided with projections can be welded to tubes, rods, wires. When tubes, rods or wires are welded together, it is also considered as projection welding.

Projection welding generally requires less energy and allows for very fast cycle times.

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Seam Welding

In seam welding, the electrodes are rotating seam wheels following a programmed welding cycle and  speed. The speed can reach several meters per minute, according to the needs, obtaining waterproof weld cord or a discontinuous line of spots (welding in roll-spot).

Seam welding applies to various steel grades and other alloys.

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Butt Welding

The welding current passes through two pieces put under butt force between welding jaws. This process makes it possible to obtain a weld on the entire section of the two parts to be welded.

This application is dedicated to rods and tubes.

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For any of the welding applications, tooling can be necessary to maintain the parts together.

The dtooling design can be simple or complex (with sensors, various grippers, etc.). Its configurations impacts the weld quality, so that it is studied with special care taking in account the customer expectations in terms of quality, aspect and cycle time.

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Our Products

Stationary Weld Machines

ARO provides a large range of solutions to meet all the needs of spot, seam, butt and projection welding applications. Manufactured from standard modules, these machines are assembled in minimum time for perfect cost control.

Controls & Software

ARO offers a large range of integrated welding controllers equipped with the latest technology of welding controls. From the standard AC-MFDC cabinets to the advanced concept cabinets (auto-adaptive).

Welding Components

ARO designs and manufactures its own range of transformers, Servo motors and electronic controls because they are essential components of the resistance welding process.

Welding Consumables

ARO offers a diverse range of electrodes for all welding applications. Different shapes and materials to perform high quality welds even under most severe conditions. ARO also offers a wide range of straight and bent cap adaptors, designs and manufactures specific parts upon request.

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