MFDC Controllers

MFDC Controllers

ARO provides a standard range of MFDC welding cabinets covering manual, robot and stationary machine applications.

They integrate a complete and coherent range of inverters (also available as components) with embedded controllers compatible with a large majority of field buses such as Ethernet IP, Profinet IO, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, Profibus DP.

  • Ability to manage up to 256 welding schedules
  • Wide choice of options
  • Compact design
  •  Worker safety
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Adaptive Welding and Quality Assurance

Adaptive Welding


Possibility to copy the Learning (reference) from a gun to any other

Adaptive mode will compensate :
▪ Different materials and thicknesses (for manual welding)
▪ Tips wear
▪ Presence of adhesive
▪ Poor part fit
▪ Shunting effects
▪ Shunting effects

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Adaptive Welding

Intelligent and efficient, Adaptive Welding automatically compensates process variations to guarantee superior weld quality.

SQA (Steel Quality Assurance)

  • Steel Quality Assurance function (SQA) assigns a % to each spot to grade the quality of the welding
  • Dedicated to robotized applications, the principle is also based on dynamic resistance during the weld formation
  • It povides with weld quality and process deviations


Benefits of the MDFC versus AC

Benefits of the AW (Adaptive welding)

Benefits of SQA

MFDC Cabinets

SW 560 Robotic

SW 560 Manual

SW 560 Machines

SW 800 Robotic

SW 800 Manual

SW 800 Machines

SW1200 Robotic

SW1200 Manual

SW1200 Machines

SW 2400 Robotic

SW 2400 Machines

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