Welding Components

ARO designs and manufactures its own range of transformers, servo motors and electronic controls because they are essential components of the resistance welding process.

ARO’s quality control guarantees the reliability and quality of these components, which are available for integration into special welding equipment.


Since 1995, ARO has been successfully involved in the concept, design and manufacture of servomotors for resistance welding applications.

The results are conclusive:

  • For application up to 20kN force
  • Maintenance intervals of our most recent 8-pole servomotors: 10 million cycles
  • Integrated brake and force sensor options
  • Servomotors can use any robot encoder or resolver
  • Water Cooling
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ARO has developed a large range of AC and DC transformers that responds to today’s process requirements:

  • Manual gun transformers
  • Robotic gun transformers.
  • Machine transformers

In addition to our transformer designs, ARO also builds standard robotic transformers such as CNOMO, ISO and DIN, as well as customer specific transformers GM, VW, Daimler, etc.

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Medium Frequency Inverters

A complete and coherent range of inverters (also available as components) compatible with a large majority of fieldbuses such as Ethernet IP, Profinet IO,  DeviceNet, Interbus-S, Profibus DP. Firmware are availbale for manual, robot and stationary machine applications.

  • Range: 560A / 800A /1200A / 2400A
  • Economic: reduction of energy consumption (-20 % to -30 % on the main power network)
  • Ability to manage up to 256 welding programs
  • Wide choice of options (adaptive welding, quality assurance…)
  • Compact design
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Servo Head Kit to upgrade pneumatic machine or to build bespoke machine

A Kit: servohead and iBox controller

  • No compressed air consumption
  •  Servo-actuators with no maintenance until 10 million cycles
  • Maintenance costs are greatly reduced with the elimination of cylinder seals, valves, filters, gauges, etc..
  • Downtime greatly reduced due to the high reliability of servo-actuators
  • Force control and monitoring:  2-20kN range
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