Automotive Industry

ARO supplies resistance welding technology and controls to the automotive industry worldwide.

ARO’s reliable, cost-efficient welding systems are specifically designed to meet the industry’s commercial and safety legislation requirements.

The automotive bodywork repair industry is also an important market for ARO’s products, with many of the world’s workshops reliant on its mobile range. Multi-functional designs and legendary support services make ARO the preeminent welding solution for this market sector.

Each time metal components need to be joined for production or repair, ARO provides the welding solution, safely, efficiently, ecologically and most of all: reliably

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Robotic Weld Guns

Integrated transformer weld guns have revolutionised robotic assembly lines; tens of thousands of ARO robotic weld guns have equipped the large automotive manufacturing plants for many decades.

Manual Weld Guns

ARO innovates by proposing SERVO manual solutions. The Servo technology brings to the manual welding operations all its strong benefits - high performance, cost efficiency, and highest reliability - henceforth recognized by the automotive industry using almost 100% of Servo weld guns for robotics.

Controls & Software

ARO offers a large range of integrated welding controllers equipped with the latest technology of welding controls. From the standard AC-MFDC cabinets to the advanced concept cabinets (auto-adaptive).

Welding Components

ARO designs and manufactures its own range of transformers, Servo motors and electronic controls because they are essential components of the resistance welding process.

Stationary Weld Machines

ARO provides a large range of solutions to meet all the needs of spot, seam, butt and projection welding applications. Manufactured from standard modules, these machines are assembled in minimum time for perfect cost control.

Mobile Welders

The ARO mobile welding product range was developed with the automotive motor body repair (MBR) market firmly in mind. Today, ARO continues to innovate, providing solutions for higher production through the provision of the multi-function equipment and lower operating costs demanded by today’s automotive repair market.

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General Industry

Wherever metal components need to be joined for manufacture or repair, ARO has the products to deliver safe, efficient and environmentally friendly welding systems.

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ARO supplies resistance welding technology and control systems to the automotive industry worldwide. A large range of welding solutions and expertise for robotic, manual or stationary process, applying to mass production, low production, prototyping of parts made of steel (MS, HSS, AHSS, PHS) or Aluminium (sheets, extruded, casting).

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Designed and qualified for Aerospace industry standards, stationary machines for seam welding and spot welding offer all the benefits of resistance welding in terms of quality, robustness, strength, aspect, cycle time and cost effiency...

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