Robotic Welding Solutions

Solution means the best combination of weld gun and controller as a cost efficient package to bring highest performance in welding.

Steel Resistance Spot Welding

The use of steel alloys such as HSS, AHSS, PHS in the BIW (body in white) construction must meet the double objective of reductions in part weights, and ensuring the integrity of the passenger compartment and the battery casing for EVs during crash tests. Reductions in sheet steel thicknesses are sought, while maintaining good performance levels as to formability by enhancing their elastic limits, in particular via high carbon levels, which increases their electrical resistivity.

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Projection Welding of Fasteners  (nuts, screws, bolts, etc.)

In the automotive industry, projection welding of fasteners is ruled by dedicated specifications. Stationary machines still being popular for OEMs and Tiers Ones, the use of robot weld guns now presents new significant benefits.

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Aluminium Resistance Spot Welding

Several different types of alloys are used in BIW (body in white) construction, mainly from the 5xxx and 6xxx series. Depending on the applications, they can take the form of sheets, mould castings or extruded strips. They can be used in most parts of bodies, closures and battery casings.

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Heterogeneous Assemblies (mixed materials)

The growing diversity of materials used for motor vehicle bodies raises the question of heterogeneous assemblies (steel / aluminium, steel / carbon fibre, steel / plastic, etc.). It is always possible to use resistance welding, subject to using a steel element, which is either inserted in the part beforehand (aluminium sheet, cast aluminium, carbon fibre, plastic part) or positioned on the production line at the last moment. The slug is then welded to the steel part. This process is called REW (Resistance Element Welding).

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Our Products

Robotic Weld Guns

Integrated transformer weld guns have revolutionised robotic assembly lines; tens of thousands of ARO robotic weld guns have equipped the large automotive manufacturing plants for many decades.

Controls & Software

ARO offers a large range of integrated welding controllers equipped with the latest technology of welding controls. From the standard AC-MFDC cabinets to the advanced concept cabinets (auto-adaptive).

Welding Components

ARO designs and manufactures its own range of transformers, Servo motors and electronic controls because they are essential components of the resistance welding process.

Welding Peripherals

A large range of accessories and peripherals, reliable and high performance, they become the elements that you cannot do without when implementing global welding solutions.

Welding Consumables

ARO offers a diverse range of electrodes for all welding applications. Different shapes and materials to perform high quality welds even under most severe conditions. ARO also offers a wide range of straight and bent cap adaptors, designs and manufactures specific parts upon request.

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