Successful teamwork delivers new challenges

Over 500 ARO 3G Robot Guns and Adaptive Controllers have been installed at the Valmet Automotive manufacturing plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland, which currently produces the latest model Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the GLC SUV for Daimler.

Valmet Automotive is a renowned European automotive service provider and has relied on ARO's resistance welding equipment for its production lines since 1991. Building the best cars for the best OEMs, and taking responsibility for the entire engineering and manufacturing chains – from concept to assembly to the supply of parts. Numerous OEMs – like Saab, Porsche and Daimler – have relied on and continue to rely on Valmet's unique processes and product quality.

Jani Niskanen, Project Engineer Joining Technologies, Valmet Automotive, explained:

“Valmet Automotive is capable of producing premium quality vehicles, highly efficient and exceptionally fast. To do this we need reliable and cost-effective equipment that integrates perfectly into our production lines to guarantee an irreproachable weld quality. That is why we have chosen ARO, and the feedback has been extremely positive. ARO equipment provides us with several practical advantages. The compact design of the gun body makes 3D simulations and modelling easier. In production, the 3G guns are robust and reliable, ensuring excellent productivity and availability. The use of ARO Adaptive Controllers, which automatically compensate for process variations, gives us a very good weld quality on the modern high-strength steels we use. Low diversity of components in 3G guns is also an advantage in terms of maintenance and stock management. Finally, as the 3G guns are flexible and adaptable, we have been able to re-use some of them from one project to another, which is, in my view, is a major advantage”.

The Valmet Automotive plant is also equipped with ARONET supervision software, which networks the weld controllers for efficient and centralized processing of welding data.

In 2017, Valmet Automotive received a Supplier Award from Mercedes-Benz for best partnering company; ARO was especially overjoyed, after all, the award was honouring the entire manufacturing chain.

With its tagline "The Fast Lane to Future Vehicles". Mr Jarkko Sairanen, Chairman of Valmet Automotive commented on the future of the car industry at the Finnish plant:

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of battery electric vehicles, from single service projects to turnkey vehicle projects. We are expanding our presence as an international company in all key markets. Yet we will keep and live our spirit of customer dedication, speed, and flexibility in all that we do – because in the era of digitalization this is needed more than ever.”

Since 2009, four different electric vehicles have already been manufactured at the Valmet Automotive plant. As players in the Automotive industry Valmet know that change, speed and flexibility are the challenges they and their partners face every day. Electrification, automation, sharing … all buzzwords for the car of tomorrow. ARO's expertise in resistance welding is responding to these challenges.

Watch the video of ARO robot guns in operation at Valmet Automotive here

About Valmet Automotive:

Valmet Automotive was founded in 1968; the company has stood for holistic car building on behalf of renowned cars, like Saab, Porsche Cayman and Boxster, and now the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLC. Scaling from small to volume production, more than 1.4 million cars have left the company, with 110,000 in 2018, the record to beat for its 4,500 employees.

Located in Finland, with a fast and efficient logistic system, Valmet Automotive offers a unique combination of expertise and experience that covers the needs of both the largest OEMs and the up and coming startups thanks to their responsiveness and flexibility.

About ARO: 

Since 1949, ARO Welding Technologies SAS has been a leader in resistance welding technology, providing the automotive and manufacturing industries with innovative robotic, manual, and stationary welding systems. From spot and projection welding, to seam or butt welding, we provide the optimum solution. ARO is headquartered near Le Mans in France, with regional offices in Europe, the Americas and the Far East as well as independent sales and services partners. ARO is a division of the multi-disciplined UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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