Ford commends ARO’s aluminum welding solution

Over 600 million faultless welds on aluminum F-150 pickup line

ARO USA is proud to announce that Ford Motor Co.’s Dearborn welding improvement team have commended the exceptional quality and reliability of ARO’s aluminum welding solution for its iconic F-150 pickup.

ARO equipment has now laid down around 600 million welds on this, Ford’s top-selling vehicle line.

Ford DSP has produced around 780,000 F-150 Aluminium bed assemblies every year since 2013. Each assembly has an average of 83 welds. ARO’s heavy-duty welding guns and full process controllers were selected for their unique ability to provide “aerospace level” welding process parameters and reliability.

Since then, ARO has supplied 42 Aluminium welding stations to Ford, resulting in an unblemished record with no failed weld quality audits and zero rejections from a welding quality standpoint.

Continuous Reliability

ARO’s equipment, operating continuously under high duty factors, has demonstrated remarkable reliability, meeting the rigorous demands of Ford DSP’s production environment.

ARO Aluminium Welding Station

ARO’s CEO emphasized the significance of end-user feedback, stating, “Such great feedback bolsters ARO’s long-term strategy, focusing on process reliability and expertise, the top value driver for our customers.”

This acknowledgment from Ford DSP underscores ARO USA’s commitment to excellence in welding solutions, setting a high standard for the industry. As the partnership continues, ARO remains dedicated to advancing process reliability and expertise for its valued customers.

About ARO

ARO is a widely recognized world leader in resistance welding, notably to the automotive industry. The ARO group is headquartered near Le Mans in France, with subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, the UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. The company was founded in 1949 and today employs around 500 persons. ARO is a member of the British engineering and industrial group Langley Holdings plc.

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