Stationary Machine for Spot Welding

Stationary Machine

Being a relative simplicity spot welding can soon become complex due several factors, starting by the specificity of the part itself, its design, the welding strength and aspect required, and the production cycle time expected. the machines can be:

  • AC or MFDC for the welding current.
  • Servo (equipped with force sensor for force control and monitoring) or Pneumatic for the welding force for the Omega, P, and MOS series.
  • Several options are available

Machines Qualified for Aerospace industry spot welding standards

Resistance spot welding welding isruled by “Specification for Resistance Welding for Aerospace Applications” that defines the clear conditions of use and the weld quality expectations.

Designed For Aerospace Industry Qualified for Aerospace industry standards Includes:

  • Servo and MFDC technology;
  • Force profiles; Current control and regulation;
  • Traceability with all measurement / data recording for each weld.
  • Machine qualified according to the Aerospace related norms. Qualified for Aluminium / Titanium / Stainless steel grades.

Our Products

Controls & Software

ARO offers a large range of integrated welding controllers equipped with the latest technology of welding controls. From the standard AC-MFDC cabinets to the advanced concept cabinets (auto-adaptive).

Welding Consumables

ARO offers a diverse range of electrodes for all welding applications. Different shapes and materials to perform high quality welds even under most severe conditions. ARO also offers a wide range of straight and bent cap adaptors, designs and manufactures specific parts upon request.

Welding Peripherals

A large range of accessories and peripherals, reliable and high performance, they become the elements that you cannot do without when implementing global welding solutions.

Welding Components

ARO designs and manufactures its own range of transformers, Servo motors and electronic controls because they are essential components of the resistance welding process.

Stationary Weld Machines

ARO provides a large range of solutions to meet all the needs of spot, seam, butt and projection welding applications. Manufactured from standard modules, these machines are assembled in minimum time for perfect cost control.

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