Servoline : Servo Manual Welding Workstation full plug and play

ARO innovates by proposing SERVO manual solutions .

The Servo technology brings to the manual welding operations all its strong benefits – high performances, cost efficiency, and highest reliability. – henceforth recognized by the automotive industry using almost 100% of sevo welding guns.

Immediate savings and simplicity : the use of the servo technology eliminates the need for compressed air in manual welding.

Servoline Manual Welding

Fast Start Up

  • Single system supplier for a full compatibility of the components
  • “Plug & Weld” station thanks to factory pre-settings
  • Easy access to welding parameters and welding data thanks to intuitive wireless interface (Bluetooth)

Optimum Weld Quality

  • Adaptive welding automatically compensates for process variations
  • Better force repeatability and control (servo)
  • No slamming and related sheet damages

Servoline Features

Reduced Capital Cost

Reduced Running Costs

Environment, Ergonomics & Safety








  • Servoline Manual Welding Station

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