HD Robotic Weld Guns

ARO’s HD “Heavy Duty” Welding Guns

This HD Range of robotic guns has been a success with customers for many decades and is still a model of reliability and robustness. The machine is available in several models with a perfect power to weight ratio, which can be adapted to any technical specification to respond to all requested applications.

"H" serie

Latest design :

  • High power transformer and dual RobiFix for fast connection
  • Stiff design for limited arms deflection and tips slipplage
  • Compatible with tool changers

The HD gun bodies

ARO has a range of 3 different gun Bodies to cover full range of applications. Guns designed for applications requiring high welding currents and forces (up to 65kA / 2000daN)

Rapid and easy assembly

A fully functioning gun can be assembled quickly from a small number of standardised components.

  • MTTR reduced

HD Robotic Weld Guns Features

Capital investment incentives

Global compatibility

Improved running costs

Improved flexibility

Weld Guns Library

A large library of Robotic Weld Guns and brackets (STEP files) is available online to perform CAD simulations at the earlier stage of your project.

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HD Weld Guns





ARO Controls & Software

Essential to the efficiency and reliability of any welding process is the control system. ARO offers its own range of controls, transformers, power cabinets and dedicated welding sequence and cabinet monitoring software designed to perfectly complement ARO’s legendarily reliable welding heads. Allied to ARO’s extensive range of welding guns, this combination of power and process control, ensures that ARO resistance welding products deliver in each and every demanding situation.

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