CD Capacitor discharge Welding Machines

CD Capacitor discharge Welding Machines

To satisfy market demands, ARO has extended its range of products by supplying capacitor discharge welding machines dedicated mainly to projection welding applications. This technology works by storing energy in capacitors which on discharging, release the current by very fast pulse. It is possible in this way to produce very high welding currents with a very low supply consumption.

CD Servo Machine

Latest ARO’s development: A new, more compact design thanks to Servo technology

  • Reduced footprint
  • All the benefits of servo technology
  • Intuitive touch screen HMI
  • Customization: protection systems, tooling, etc.

CD Capacitor discharge Welding Machines

 K 12 F3000N

K 18 F3000N

K 18 F4500N

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