Special Weld Tooling

For some applications ARO offers a range of standard equipment which can be perfectly integrated into our machines.

For multi-spot applications – ARO offers a series of elastomeric heads which uniformly distribute the force on the sheets. They are used for welding with a force of 500 to 2500daN

For the nut and screw welding – ARO offers several tools that are high performance and easy to install :

  • Electrodes for welding nuts to be mounted on the spot welding machines
  • Electrode holders for screw or nut welding to be mounted on the projection welding machines
  • Standard tools (high capacity welding) to be mounted on the projection welding machines allowing to achieve a nut or screw weld in double spot welding in series.

These tools offer a slag blowing system which brings optimal quality to welding and increases the duration of the electrode life. A presence detection of screw/nuts is an available option.

For the application of special welding, ARO also designs tools that are simple and high performance which you can be assured will weld perfectly and quickly. From part drawings or samples of the welded parts, ARO establishes a “best value” solution.

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