ARO Welding Solutions

Since 1949, ARO has provided the optimum solution for hundreds of thousands of welding applications. If your requirement is for robotic, manual or stationary welding systems, you can be 100% confident when choosing ARO.

For every new project, we evaluate your requirement to facilitate assembly.
We listen to our clients' needs and incorporate it into the specification
Total reliability
ARO welding laboratories in Europe and north America are equipped with a range of machines allowing all types of welding tests to be conducted (teardowns, micrographic section, etc)
We only specify the welding equipment required after we have analysed the joining assembly (materials, thickness of the sheet metal, geometry of the parts)
Smooth integration of your welding equipment
We take charge of both equipment supply and installation quickly; thanks to a global network of subsidiaries and specialist partners
Longevity of your welding installation
Maintenance training can be conducted on site or in our local workshops. The ARO France training center is a certified organization.
With a predefined budget, our maintenance contracts provide total availability of technicians and spare parts.
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ARO Manual Welding 1.21 MB Download
Servoline Manual Welding Station 1.33 MB Download
ARO Robotic 3G Gun 1.46 MB Download
ARO Motor Body Repair Brochure 1.65 MB Download