Stationary Welding Machines

ARO provides a large range of solutions to meet spot, seam, butt and projection welding applications. Manufactured from standard modules, these machines are assembled in minimum time for the perfect cost control. The modular concept of each machine responds to the needs of flexibility in terms of application and incorporates the latest ARO technology (MFDC transformers, water cooled Servo motors with integrated force sensors , etc…)


Spot & Projection Welding
20kA DC / 15kA AC
120daN Pneumatic / 120 daN SERVO

N Series

Spot Welding
200daN Pneumatic

M Series

Spot & Projection Welding
970daN Pneumatic

P Series

Projection, Spot, Seam & Butt Welding
55kA DC / 85kA AC
1400daN Pneumatic / Servo

MOS Series

Projection, Spot & Seam Welding
100kA DC / 100kA AC
5400daN Pneumatic / 2000daN Servo


Projection Welding
200kA / 4500daN Servo

File Name Size
Servoline Manual Welding Station 1.33 MB Download