ARO's Mobile Spot Welding Solutions

After inventing the first ever transformer gun in history over 60 years ago, the original N type gun, that sold over a quarter of a million units worldwide, ARO redefines its original MBR business with a brand new MFDC transformer gun: the Ergoweld IT automatic.

Spot Welder - Safety first

The Ergoweld IT automatic is equipped with a unique circuit breaker, tailor made for this specific welder and making it the safest IT gun on the market. Standard circuit breakers are not efficient enough at the frequencies of over 1000Hz generally used in IT gun converters. As a result the ARO machine runs safely at 6000Hz, which allows the transformer weight to be reduced to less than 3.5kg.

A secondary voltage measure allows the converter to calculate the resistance of the stack and the operation is then completed with a proportional valve that automatically adjusts to achieve optimum air pressure. Automatic mode is available on both X and C guns.

High performance

As with the other guns from the Ergoweld range, the new IT gun has a double stroke, is automatic, offers a 550 daN tip force at 5 bars and is entirely water cooled, including the transformer, its diode bridge, secondaries and gun arms. Even the converter is water cooled.

A comprehensive arm selection is available to cover the needs of multiple possible applications.

Ergoweld 10k

Spot Welder
Air Cooled

Ergoweld 14k - IT

Spot Welder
Water Cooled