Ergoline Modular Manual Welding Guns

With ‘plug and play’ adaptability, easy to handle design and excellent power-to-weight ratio, the Ergoline range of manual welding guns provides the ultimate in adaptability, longevity and ease of use.

Ergoline Manual Welding Gun

With thousands of these guns already in operation worldwide, Ergoline has more than proved itself with clients in the automotive sector and other industries. It’s easy-to-handle design combined with an excellent power to weight ratio ensures that this market leading range meets all manual welding applications. Ergoline’s ergonomic design simplifies otherwise complicated processes and provides the user with both improved efficiency and productivity. A modular construction allows it to be easily customized and adapted to specific requirements. Ergoline provides a safe welding environment thanks to an enclosed housing unit and reinforced suspension elements. Its concept responds to the most complex welding requirements. It helps having healthier operators and cut your risks for workers compensation costs. 

Thanks to its modular design, the Ergoline gun adapts easily to all clients’ requirements
A wide range of options to increase the ergonomics of the work station allows each user to set their own welding solution
Reduced operating costs
The ergonomics of the gun simplifies its operation – saving time and increasing productivity
Removable cover gives quick and easy access to worn parts
Homogeneous and modular design means fewer components
Simplified electrical, pneumatic and cooling circuits minimises downtime

ARO Controls & Software

Essential to the efficiency and reliability of any welding process is the control system. ARO offers its own range of controls, transformers, power cabinets and dedicated welding sequence and cabinet monitoring software designed to perfectly complement ARO’s legendarily reliable welding heads. Allied to ARO’s extensive range of welding guns, this combination of power and process control, ensures that ARO resistance welding products deliver in each and every demanding situation.