Welding Peripherals

ARO offers a large range of accessories to visually optimise your welding process. Reliable and high performance, they become the elements that you can not avoid when solving global welding solutions.

Spring Balancers

To guarantee the best balancer possible for the welding guns, ARO offers a range of robust and safe spring balancers. Easy to operate, this range covers loads from 3Kg to 200Kg. The option for load indicator is available for the new ARVAL 6 range.

Welding Gun Quick Changer

This functionality allows the very quick connecting and disconnecting of a manual gun. Very compact, the gun equipped with this quick changer is the tool of choice for all workshops requiring maximum flexibility (such as prototype shops).

Cooling Units

ARO can provide the latest generation of cooling devices. Compact and eco friendly, efficient cooling quality is guaranteed thanks to water temperature regulation allowing maximum results and increased equipment life.

Nut and Screw Feeders

To ensure easy and quick distribution of nut and screw for the welding process, ARO has integrated high performance, simple feeders. Completely sound proof, these machines ensure the independent feed or simultaneous nut and screw feed thanks to several stroke feeders (up to 4 strokes for the nut version and 2 for the screw version). Also available with the pick and place unit, the feeders are capable of supplying 20 to 30 parts a minute with a large variety of screw and nuts.

Tip Dressers

The tip dressers allow the user to maintain a perfect welding quality whilst keeping the tip in good condition by avoiding frequent changes and to reduce costs. For off line dressing ARO also offers benches very compact with pneumatic controls. It’s manually loaded and allows you to hold high production rates with old electrodes.

For Robotic Welding Applications
These tip dressers are designed to be used and communicate with the iBox welding controller or a robot cell. The dresses available include a fixed electric tip dresser and a Tip dresser swivel.

For Manual Welding Applications
According to the models, the dressing is carried out on one face (open gun) or 2 faces (closed gun).The dresses available include Ratchet tip dressers and a Pneumatic tip dressers.

Jibs and Rail Systems

Essential equipment for the suspension of ARO manual welding guns, these systems facilitate the equipment manoeuvrability for the user and it ensures comfortable operation.

The Jibs Systems offered by ARO can be directly fixed on the wall or mounted on a column. They combine a small footprint and excellent lifting capacity.

The Rail Systems offered by ARO which are directly fixed on the superstructure of your building. Therefore, the floor space can be used for production. Such systems are completely modular and adapt perfectly to every environment.