MFDC Welding Controllers and Cabinets

ARO’s highly automated control systems have been carefully designed to deliver optimum weld quality alongside maximum adaptability and greater cost savings.

ARO offers a comprehensive range of MFDC (Medium Frequency Direct Current) inverters with embedded controllers, designed to provide high welding performance under severe conditions. Built around these Inverters (560A – 800A – 1200A – 2400A), MFDC cabinets can deliver welding currents up to 100 kA, and cover all welding applications:

Robotic Welding
Compatibility with field buses used in the welding sector (Profinet, Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus DP, and Interbus-S) provides easy and efficient integration into robotic or automated applications.

Manual Welding
ARO welding cabinets are able to manage two manual guns with one or two operators. Investment is therefore drastically reduced while workshop space is saved.

Stationary Welding
The wide variety of welding applications with stationary machines is managed by ARO cabinets through numerous programming functions (fast welding, cascade function, roller seam, etc.)

To guarantee superior weld quality, ARO’s Adaptive Welding (AW) can be activated, and, for robotic applications, associated with SQA (Steel Quality Assurance), an innovative process monitoring software.

Energy savings
High welding currents
Compact design
Easy programming via pocket or laptop
Maximum flexibility and safety
USB and Ethernet connections for configuration and calibration by computer (laptop or network)
Field bus communication with robots and PLCs
Wide choice of options