iBox Servo Welding Controller

iBox: time, current and force all centralised into one powerful process controller

For electric guns and machines, ARO offers the iBox, which centralises all resistance welding parameters into one process controller.

Programming and supervision of all welding parameters (time, current, force, position) are regrouped in just one cabinet, delimiting responsibilities between the robot and the welder.

As a result, the management of the welding parameters in a single controller allows almost any 6-axis robot (pneumatic welding, handling, refurbished etc.) to manage an electric weld gun without significant modifications to its application.

Thanks to its force sensor management capability, the iBox provides advanced functions improving the welding process and quality:

  • Force controlled and monitored
  • Gap compensation
  • Force profiles
  • Detection of indentation and expansion

The iBox can be either AC (up to 550 kVA) or DC (up to 465 kVA) and adaptive and can manage:

  • Robot servo guns
  • Stationary machines