Servoline : servo manual welding station full plug and play

ARO innovates by proposing SERVO manual solutions . The Servo technology brings to the manual welding operations all its strong benefits - high performances, cost efficiency, and highest reliability. - henceforth recognized by the automotive industry using almost 100% of sevo welding guns. 

Immediate savings and simplicity : the use of the servo technology eliminates the need for compressed air in manual welding. 

Servoline welding station

The Servoline welding station is a turnkey solution combining, welding gun, harness, controller balancers and rails. All the benefits of SERVO TECHNOLOGY in manual resistance welding Significant COST SAVINGS, on infrastructure as well as on running costs

Single system supplier insures compatibility of the components
Supplier factory pre-settings for quick start up : Adpative from the first spot
Low carbon foot print
Elimination of contaminated aerosols exhausted by the air valves
Noise pollution reduction : Acoustic pressure divided by 21/2
Reduced risks of operator’s Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) due to slamming
Large throat guns have a small body which greatly improves the Ergonomics
"Larger strokes and easily adjustable strokes helps optimizing trajectories for operator comfort 
Reduced Initial Capital Cost (ICC)
Reduction of cost of compressed air system and piping
Substantial reduction of spare parts inventory gun body components through the range - 50% vs pnematic gun
Fast programming with wireless communication (Bluetooth) and Web pages – no pendants required
Reduced operating costs
No compressed Air consumption
Electrode wear reduction due to servo soft touch - 20%
Reduction of wear on the tip dressers thanks to soft touch
Single point of contact for the whole system helps streamlining the trouble shooting and assistance when needed
Maintenance cost is greatly reduced with the elimination of cylinder seals, valves, filters, gauges,…
"Downtime is greatly reduced due to the reliability of servo actuators compared to air systems, the reduction of parts, the quick removable covers 

Servoline welding station Specification

Technology SERVO - MFDC Pneumatic - MFDC
Type of gun Servoline Pneumatic Gun
Compressed Air
Reduced size and weight
Vibration free
Noise free
Programmable openings
Type of Controller ASW (Adaptive Servo Weld) 260 MFDC controller
AW Auto-Adaptive
Wireless Programming