Automotive Industry

ARO supplies resistance welding technology and control systems to the automotive industry worldwide. ARO’s reliable, cost-efficient welding systems are specifically designed to meet the industry’s commercial and safety legislation requirements.

The automotive bodywork repair industry is also an important market for ARO’s products, with many of the world’s workshops reliant on its mobile range. Multi-functional designs and legendary support services make ARO the preeminent welding solution for this market sector.

Each time metal components need to be joined for production or repair, ARO provides the welding solution, safely, efficiently, ecologically and most of all: reliably

Automotive Welding Solutions

Robotic Welding Solutions

Packages for steel and aluminium welding

P Series

Spot and Projection Welding
55kA DC / 85kA AC 1400daN
Pneumatic / Servo

Manual Welding Solutions

Workstation for steel and Aluminium welding

Mobile Welding Solutions

Welding equipment for re-spot and repair