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Robotic Welding Solutions

Integrated transformer welding guns have revolutionised robotic assembly lines; tens of thousands of ARO robotic welding guns have equipped the large automotive manufacturing plants for many decades.Reliable and robust, ARO robotic welding guns are capable of welding at a higher rate of production. 

Manual Welding Solutions

In addition to the Ergoline range of pneumatic manual welding solution, ARO innovates by proposing SERVO manual solutions . The Servo technology brings to the manual welding operations all its strong benefits - high performances, cost efficiency, and highest reliability. -henceforth recognized by the automotive industry using almost 100% of sevo welding guns in robotics

Stationary Welding Solutions

ARO provides solutions to meet spot, seam, butt and projection welding applications. All requirements for these four types of welding are easily met by ARO's wide range of options in these world class stationary welding machines.

Spot and Mig Mobile Welding

The ARO mobile welding product range was developed with the automotive motor body repair (MBR) market firmly in mind. Since the company’s inception, over a quarter of a million spot welders have been supplied by ARO to the automotive industry. Today, ARO continues to innovate, providing solutions for higher production through the provision of the multi-function equipment and lower operating costs demanded by today’s automotive repair market.