Omega - Bench Mounted Spot Welding or Projection Welding Machine

A Fully Adaptive Precision Welding Solution

ARO have devised and designed a new series of modular bench mounted machines that offer a wide range of possible assembly combinations

Typical Applications
Copper Titanium
Copper Contacts Aluminium
Copper Brazed Electronic boards

ARO Controls & Software

Essential to the efficiency and reliability of any welding process is the control system. ARO offers its own range of controls, transformers, power cabinets and dedicated welding sequence and cabinet monitoring software designed to perfectly complement ARO’s legendarily reliable welding heads. Allied to ARO’s extensive range of welding guns, this combination of power and process control, ensures that ARO resistance welding products deliver in each and every demanding situation.

Technical Comparison

Type Servo Omega Omega MDFC Omega AC
Application Spot / projection Welding Spot / projection Welding Spot / projection Welding
Actuator Servo with Force sensor Pneumatic Pneumatic
Max. force 30 - 120 daN 10 - 120 daN 10 - 120 daN
Welding Current 0.5 - 20 kA 0.5 - 20 kA 0.5 - 20 kA
Current monitoring
Current control
Force monitoring
Force Control
Force Profile
Position during welding
Multi openning (> 2)