Synergic MIG Welder (Inverter)

  • 180 A – 230V
  • for all material and brazing.
  • Very light (10.5Kg)
  • Compatible with MMA torch Gas / No Gas function
  • Wire 0.6 to 1mm
  • Coils 5 kg 200mm
  • Optional trolley

AROMIG I180 Mig Welder

The AROMIG I180-1 is a universal welder. It is used for the welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and for metal brazing. The AROMIG I180-1 offers a control cabinet simple to use, an ergonomic torch and wire feeders of great reliability which can guarantee you an irreproachable welding quality

Technical Specification

Current range 5 – 170A
Voltage 230V – 16A
Duty factor at 60% 110A