Ford approval for ERGOWELD

ERGOWELD IT Automatic R, the latest offering from automotive welding specialist ARO now approved by Ford Europe for dealer workshops.

Chateau du Loir, December 19, 2016

ARO WELDING TECHNOLOGIES SAS, the leading producer of resistance welding equipment to the automotive industry, has received approval from Ford Europe for its new ERGOWELD IT Automatic R spot welder.

Tests on the machine, carried out in Germany by an independent body, met all the criteria specified by Ford - tests in automatic mode on 2 and 3 stack assemblies through to glue and primary without any intermediate adjustments, endurance tests, gun weight, tip force control and other criteria. Accessories and consumable kits as well as the technical manual were also part of the process.

Martin Bretonneau, Director of ARO's MBR (motor body repair) division said:
“At ARO, our reputation has been built on decades of experience that have led to successful, long-term accreditations with major car producers such as Ford. ERGOWELD represents our continued commitment not only to vehicle production welding, but also to the motor body repair sector."

ERGOWELD is a new generation of fully automatic spot welders, available in three models, with single or double gun versions. The ERGOWELD IT Automatic R is equipped with an 13000A integrated water-cooled transformer gun and has a unique circuit breaker making it the safest IT gun on the market. Standard circuit breakers are not efficient enough at frequencies over 1000Hz generally used in IT gun converters. As a result the ARO machine runs safely at 6000Hz, which allows the transformer weight to be reduced to less than 3.5kg.

The Ford approved machine will be delivered with a telescopic suspension beam, swivel kit and spring balancer, 4 insulated ‘C’ arm sets and an accessories and consumables kit. Mains phases control and flow meter are also part of the package.

The ARO ERGOWELD Automatic R spotwelder approved by Ford for use in dealer workshops

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About ARO

ARO is widely regarded as the world leader in resistance welding to the automotive industry. The ARO group is headquartered near Le Mans, in France, with regional locations in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, the UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. The company was founded in 1949 and today employs over 500 people. ARO is a member of the British engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings PLC