ARO resistance welding proves to be a winner

Significant improvement in weld quality

Detampel, part of Nimrod Group, has been supplying precision sheet metal works and sub-assemblies to the aerospace and automotive industries for over 40 years, to customers such as Airbus, Dassault, Pratt & Whitney, etc.

Challenged for improving the fabrication of a titanium part for a major aerospace customer, Detampel turned to ARO.

Trials in the ARO welding lab allowed precise definition of the best resistance welding equipment for the task in hand: a custom-built Medium Frequency gun with water cooled servo actuator and built-in force sensor, managed by an iBox process controller.

Mr. Ephrati, President of Detampel and Nimrod Group, stated: “Replacing our Sciaky hex-phase machines with this high tech ARO equipment has resulted in a reduction by 2/3rds of rejected parts.”

ARO welding technologies and know-how render complex assembly jobs feasible and robust, all at a low cost. Even materials such as aluminum, tantalum, or titanium can be welded while respecting the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry for quality and traceability.

About the NIMROD Group

The NIMROD Group is a growing player in the aerospace industry, mostly recognized through its legacy business units, ESM and DETAMPEL, created in the 1960s. The group has enjoyed a strong expansion in the recent past, built upon a solid technological expertise and unmatched performance. Both ESM and DETAMPEL have received best supplier awards from, respectively, Dassault Aviation and Airbus Helicopters. DETAMPEL specializes in complex sheet metal work with core competencies in exhaust nozzles and heat exchangers. ESM produces high - volume elementary and standard parts, mainly for Falcon, Rafale, and Airbus aircraft.

About ARO

ARO is widely regarded as the world leader in resistance welding to the automotive industry. The ARO group is headquartered near Le Mans, in France with regional offices in the Americas, Europe, China and Asia. The company employs over 500 people and was founded in 1949, becoming part of the German engineering group IWKA, until acquired by Langley Holdings PLC, the engineering group ( owned by British industrialist, Tony Langley.