The new OMEGA Servo MF machine is here

ARO is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its OMEGA Servo Medium Frequency machine. Reliable and robust, this benchtop machine is ideal for the assembly of small parts or thin metal sheets requiring welding forces between 30 and 120 daN, capable of delivering welding currents from 500A to 20,000A.

Thanks to ARO's new servo welding head which combines both speed and precision, high quality and continuous spot welds can be achieved every time.

Driven by an iBox process controller, the OMEGA Servo system makes it possible to regulate and freely synchronize welding forces and current profiles.

These technologies, widely used in other ARO products and applications, are now integrated into the OMEGA range to meet the growing needs of leading industries such as aeronautics, particularly when it comes to quality.

Traceability and monitoring of all welding information (parameters and results) are provided by the ARONET supervisor software. To make the operator’s job easier, the machine has a user-friendly and intuitive « EasySelect » touch screen at the front, providing quick access to the main commands and functions. The adjustment of the electrode holders improves the ergonomics of the station, allowing the operator to weld at the desired height.

Encompassing a combination of technologies, the OMEGA Servo MF benchtop system can perfectly weld steel, aluminium, copper and titanium alloys. Suitable for all types of production (small and large series), this machine is the ideal equipment for making high quality welds!

Application examples:

Sheets 0.5mm+0.5mm (aluminium)

Spot welding

Fins on tube (zirconium)

Spot welding

Tube (titanium)

Stitch welding

Assembly of grids with overlap (brass)

Stitch welding

Assembly of braid and wire overlap (copper)

Welding after compacting

Plate on tubes (steel)

Projection welding

Electrical contacts (copper)

Welding and compacting

Electronic board (copper)

Projection welding

Braid on parts (copper) + filler metal


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