Adaptive system (Manual guns)

Thanks to important research and development efforts, ARO has developed for the welding cabinets an intelligent and efficient control system known as the Auto Adaptive. This revolutionary system automatically compensates for variations and risks of the process to guarantee the superior  welding quality.


  • Automatic adaption to the presence of resistive materials (glues, etc…)

  • Automatic compensation of electrode wear

  • Automatic adaption to changes in material

  • Compensation of the effects of shunting

  • USB or Ethernet connection for configuration and calibration on the system by computer

  • Communication by field bus with robots and PLCs


  • Improved quality of the weld

  • Reduction in time and associated cost savings for equipment start-up

  • Costs savings through reduced documentation and maintenance of welding schedules

  • Reduction of expulsions which minimises the maintenance costs

  • Reduced off-line quality control expenses

  • Easier welding of complex materials  (boron steel, TRIP, dual phase, etc)