Spot welding

The ARO Ergoweld mobile welding machine is a leader in the field thanks to its reliability. Ergonomic, flexible and simple to use, it is a tool of choice for all repair workshops desiring an irreproachable welding quality. The range of Ergoweld displays remarkable technical performance which allows a better welding quality of steel sheets on the most up to date vehicles. Available in 2 models (12K : 11500A et 14K : 13000A), Ergoweld can be used for all applications in automobile repair. Economic, with inverter technology (average frequency) you are assured of a reduction in your energy consumption compared to AC technology.

The big car manufacturers are confident in using the Ergoweld for their car body repair workshops (Peugeot Citroën, Renault et Nissan).

Ergoweld is conceived around the ARO auto-adaptive architecture, largely used in production and will therefore, before long, integrate this technology which allows different combinations of sheet metal without changing the schedules.