Adaptive Welding Control System

Through extensive research and development, ARO has designed an intelligent and efficient
control system known as Adaptive Welding (AW). This revolutionary system automatically
compensates for process variations to guarantee a far superior weld quality.

Startup and implementation of AW are very simple and intuitive. No specific skill is required: AW is
automatically activated after a fast ‘learning’ phase on a few weld spots. In manual welding, risk of
operator error is eliminated, as only one program is necessary for all sheet combinations.



  • Improved weld quality
  • Accelerated equipment start-up (time & cost savings)
  • Reduced documentation and maintenance of welding schedules (cost savings)
  • Drastic reduction of spatter and expensive reworking
  • Reduced off-line quality control expenses
  • Easier welding of complex materials (boron steel, TRIP, dual phase, etc.)